I’m back…take 2

Despite my last message I did disappear again...unfortunately circumstances changed and made it difficult. However something happened recently that made me realise people all around us need help, grief impacts on so many different people on a daily basis. I may not be able to help all, but just being there to support someone is... Continue Reading →

Where did I ‘disappear’?

It's been over 6 months since my last post...I knew I had been quiet but sat here working out the time frame now has made me realise the time went quicker than I had noticed. When I first began the planning for this blog my intention was to help support others during their journey of... Continue Reading →

Bad Days

There's such a stigma surrounding mental health, more so for men, and even I struggle with it so much so that I changed the name of this post as I didn't want to say it... I think a lot of it stems from the whole masculine look, men are men and that's it. No emotions... Continue Reading →

Keeping them real

Quote About Remembering A Loved One Loss Loved One Quotes Entrancing Best 25 Loss Of Loved One Ideas On - QUOTES BY PEOPLE When a loved one dies you'll always get the phrase "sorry for your loss" but why? You haven't lost anything like you would with your glasses or keys. If you loose your... Continue Reading →

Funerals, a sad goodbye.

Its November 18th 2016, the last day I ever get to be near my mum, the day of her funeral. Its Friday, a school day which means that the day starts as any other school day which is good as it helps restore a bit of normality for the meantime. As I have some extra... Continue Reading →

Roast after death?

We left the hospital around midnight on the night of the 5th November and after stopping off at my house to collect a few things for over night we headed on to my dad's house, as much as I didnt want to go back to my parents house I couldn't have my Dad on his... Continue Reading →

How did this begin?

2001 when I was just 13 years old my family and me received some news that would change the rest of our lives, for good and for bad. I was in my second year at secondary school and my brother, was at college. We did all the normal things as young boys would and all... Continue Reading →

I adore their smiles.I cherish their hugs.I admire their hearts.But most of all I love about them, that they are my sons.Who show their love and kindness.My sons Darren. CraigWho have made me so proud.Love Mumxx"Quote from Sue Reynolds"

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